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  For Admission:
    #24, 6th Main Road
    Kasthuribai Nagar, Adyar
    Chennai - 600 020
    Ph: 044 - 2491 1282 / 1334
Message from the Chairman

My dear Students,

It is indeed my privilege to welcome you to pursue your education with us.

Your period of collegiate education here will be far more than a routine exercise of acquiring a degree. It is our belief that while academic knowledge is vital for progress, a great deal more goes into the making up of one's personality. As you know, your personality is comprised of several facets and each of these needs to be developed in order that you may become a completely embellished person.
This is our objective. I wish to inform you that the faculty have been geared to this task and you will find your learning period a most enlightening experience in this college. I may also mention that the management takes very personal interest in ensuring that students imbibe all aspects of learning. The greatest satisfaction I derive is when our students taste success in their chosen career.

The colleges and the trusts that run these institutions have taken all effort to provide the very best in learning facilities and academic standards. We have strived to provide a conducive environment to give you the perfect mind-set to be able to pursue your studies in comfort. Further, for any constructive activity that you wish to take up in connection with your training process, you will find the management fully co-operative and encouraging.

I do hope you are admitted to the branch of study that you wish to opt for and go on to achieving your ambitions in life.

Wishing you every success.

K.V.Thangka Balu
Governing Council
Message from the Chairperson

My dear Students,

At the outset, I wish to thank you for your interest in joining this institution and I welcome you to our portals.

As a parent myself, I am fully aware of the aspirations and hopes of the young. I deem it an honour to be at the helm of an institution that helps so many youth like yourself to achieve their heart's desire in entering the vocation of their choice. I wish to assure you that our predominant aim is to ensure that you build the foundation of your successful career in this institution.
Modern education is all about preparing for the future. In this I am referring to educational standards that are in vogue all over the world. And with our country launching itself into the globalisation process, it is quite likely that many of you will rub shoulders with the academic cream of the world and will find yourselves competing with the best among the best.

In such a scenario, the realisation is clear that the precious years immediately ahead need to be concentrated with productive activity. Every minute needs to be planned and accounted for. Every hour must be programmed to contribute to your preparation for the arduous but glorious days ahead. Each drop of sweat and each step of effort go towards conditioning you in every manner in order that you may surge ahead of others.

At this point of time, I wish to reiterate two points the first being that in the light of what I have just mentioned, the institution will do all in its capacity to bring out the best in you. The second is that on your part, we would like you to supplement the efforts of the management by co-operating in its overall plan to establish the highest standards of academic excellence.

I look forward to greet you.

Jayanthi Thangabalu
Chairperson & Correspondent
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